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IWCF Well Control

  • Free and clean working area
  • Variable speed drive allows
  • Designed in accordance with

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IADC Wellcap Well Control

  • Drilling Only.
  • Drilling - Warkover / Completion.
  • Workover / Completion- Well Servicing

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Non Certificate Well Control

  • Slimhole Well Control
  • HPHT Well Control Workshop
  • HPHT for Service Company

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Awareness Training

  • Introduction to the Oil Industry
  • Basic Drilling Awareness
  • Basic Drilling Technology

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Drilling & Well ControlInstructors

During the past 25 years, Aberdeen Drilling Schools has developed a global reputation providing training and consulting services to the worldwide oil industry.

Due to expanding activity in Kuwait, we are recruiting specialists to join our team in the following positions.
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